3 Hottest Items of 70’s Fashion

Posted on May 4 2015 - 8:24pm by FashionBetty
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3 Hottest Items of 70’s Fashion

Thinking back to 70’s fashion, the first thing that typically comes to mind is one of two things: bell bottoms or crazy prints. To be fair, there are some trends from the era that should remain there (‘cough’ polyester suits ‘cough’). However, some have stuck around or are becoming increasing popular again. So dust off your old wardrobe, you may just get to use your old duds again!


  1. 70’s Fashion: Maxi Dresses

This style of dress is known for its long flowing material that offers a loose fit to the wearer. It typically was created using materials with floral or vibrant prints. The best feature about this style of dress is that it works great for every body type. The biggest difference between the 70’s style and today is that women wore in as formal attire in the 70’s; while formal options are available many maxi dress styles are more casual in nature.


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