What To Take Away From Mens Shoes And Footwear

Posted on Apr 8 2015 - 9:42pm by FashionBetty
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Shoes reveal whether a man takes pride in the little things. If he throws on a nice suit and pairs it with cheap, clunky dress shoes, he’s not what you’d call a detail man. And if he leaves his expensive wingtips scuffed and unpolished, he may not be the type of guy you’re looking for.


There are hundreds of styles of shoes out there, but what’s great about being a man is that you can do perfectly well by selecting just a few different ones and wearing them the right way. If you invest in a handful of sensible (and stylish) pairs and take care of them, you’ll be set for years.


  1. Mens Shoes: Don’t Be A Square, Bro

Before we start talking about styles of shoes, we must first address shape. If you’re still walking around in square-toe, rubber-soled lace-ups then its time for a big change. Grab them from your closet and gently place them in a bonfire immediately.

Seriously. Your shoes should be as streamlined as the rest of your wardrobe. That means a slim contour and a rounded but not too sharp toe. They’ll look stylish, tasteful, and masculine. And that’s all you really need.

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