Top Female Street Wear Brands Out Right Now

Posted on Mar 24 2015 - 6:47pm by FashionBetty
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HLZBLZ has been atop the female streetwear scene since 2005, when founder and creative director birthed it in the streets of NYC and LA, Misslawn. The collections have been fresh every year. Always staying true to their young and cutting-edge identity. Continuing to make clothes for the strong and gritty girls out there. HLZBLZ continues to push the boundaries of women’s street fashion and liberate women with the freedom and attitude of their designs. HLZBLZ gets inspiration from the gritty New York streets, the sunshine of Los Angeles and revolutionary female events in history including the burning of bras back in the 1960’s. They are still front-runners in the industry a decade later by creatively changing the look of street fashion and the female aesthetic.