The Best Clutches For The Modern Woman

Posted on Apr 13 2015 - 6:13pm by FashionBetty

best clutches

When choosing your outfit, the right accessories can either make the look or break it. One accessory in particular you need to focus on is your purse. Whether you use a clutch, purse, or bag, is up to you. However, always make sure it serves both your functional and fashion needs for your look. If you need to take your cell, keys, cash, and drivers license, make sure your choice can carry them. So remember, the next time you’re ready to make your #1 accessory choice, keep these five considerations in mind.

  1. Best Clutches: Make Sure Your Choice Fits Your Body Type

Your purse selection should not only fit the overall look you’re going for, but also your body type. For instance, individuals who are more petite should opt for a small or medium clutch, while taller individuals are able to sport something larger.

  1. Best Clutches: Make Sure Your Selection Fits Your Stuff

Just because your purse selection can hold every item you want to bring with you, doesn’t mean it still looks good with it all inside. Make sure your purse isn’t bulging at the seams, that you remove any unnecessary items, and that your purse doesn’t show any visual bulkiness to it after your items are stored.

  1. Best Clutches: If You Choose a Clutch, Consider a Strap.

A clutch purse may look extremely well with your outfit. However, without a strap, it requires the user to hold it all times and can often times be inconvenient. More and more clutch options, are now offering straps or handles you can add on as needed.