Ten Fashion Hacks that will Simplify Your Life

Posted on Apr 12 2015 - 12:17pm by FashionBetty

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Ten Fashion Hacks that will Simplify Your Life

Getting through life without fashion hacks may be possible, but it would never be quite as smooth. Everyone loves to share those cool little tricks that make fashion look good or stay beautiful. Whether it is rescuing your favorite top from the folly of red wine or unsticking a stuck zipper, we all love to be in the know with these little fashion hacks. Here is our top ten of the best fashion hacks.


1-When ironing a button-up shirt, do it inside out. While you are at it, use your hair straightener to iron that collar perfectly.

2-Zipper stuck? Fix that fast by using a graphite pencil on the teeth that are stuck.

3- Oh no! You spilled red wine on your favorite top! No worries – use white wine to take it out instantly.

4- Hate how stiff new t-shirts can feel? Soften them up by soaking them overnight in salted water.

5-Sometimes we love a sweater but it always sheds.  No problem, just pop it in the freezer in a sealed garment bag for at least three hours. If it has fuzz you hate, use a pumice stone to remove the fuzz.

6- Cuffed sleeves look great, if you do them right. Keep that top button done while you fold over the cuff. You will end up with a neat cuff.

7- Hate those scratches on your favorite leather boots, shoes or jacket? Put a tiny drop or two of moisturizer on them and buff out that scratch!

8- If you find you have dropped a bit of makeup on your clothes, don’t panic. You can remove it with a baby wipe!

9- Don’t spend money on expensive jewelry cleaners. Beer is perfect to clean gold jewelry and ketchup with a new toothbrush works fine on silver jewelry to take out all kinds of stains.

10- Vodka! It’s the fashion hack that helps a multitude of sins.  Mix a small amount with water in a spray bottle to freshen up vintage clothes. You can use it to soak clean crystal jewelry and even spray on to polish those smudges out of your sunglasses. What’s not to love?