Spring Cleaning – Tips for Organizing Your Closet

Posted on Apr 4 2015 - 12:40pm by FashionBetty

Spring Cleaning – Tips for Organizing Your Closet

Organizing Your Closet:

Every spring we find ourselves going through the house, deciding what needs sprucing up. One of the big things on the list is often the task of clearing out your closet. While at first it may look like an impossible job, you can do it. The key is to get organized first. Of course, it helps if you have a few tips before wading into the deep dark recesses of that closet. Here are a few that might help.

Organizing Your Closet: Move to a New Room

Of course it helps if you have a room, but what if you simply have a small space you don’t use? You could turn that into a closet by using cheap shelving and racks and hangers from places like Ikea or a local closet organizer store.

Organizing Your Closet: Clear Out the Old

If you don’t wear it, don’t keep it! Start by going through your closet and tossing aside everything you haven’t worn in the last six months. That includes those jeans you are hanging onto for when you lose weight. Toss it all in a Goodwill bag and take it there today!

Organizing Your Closet: Sort By Use

Whatever you use a few times a year, like holiday clothing, store in top shelves or under beds. Whatever you wear on a regular basis go at eye level and in the front of your closet. Make sure your seasonal clothing is put in the back when the season changes.

Organizing Your Closet: Old Umbrella Stands

We all have those odds and ends that still need a home. Why not watch for an old umbrella stand at your local vintage or thrift store? It is a great place to put yoga mats and walking sticks.

Organizing Your Closet: Hanging or Cubby for Shoes

Find a home for your shoes. Try a hanging organizer with pockets for flats and a box of cubby holes for your heels. Don’t leave them in a mess on the bottom of your closet!

Organizing Your Closet: Accordion Pegs for Scarves and Jewelry

You can find those accordion style pegs in dollar stores, meant for holding coffee cups. Use them to sort out scarves by color or group your necklaces together. They make great wall art too, so don’t hide them in the closet, hang them on the wall in your room. You can paint the wooden ones to match your bedroom color scheme while you are at it.

There are dozens of ideas and I think once you get started pulling out clothes and organizing your closet, you will see them. Spring is the perfect time to get our homes in order. Few things are as satisfying as pulling all the old clothes out of our closet and ending up with a tidy closet to get what we need.