Selecting The Perfect Length And Width of a Necktie

Posted on Apr 7 2015 - 10:51pm by FashionBetty

Although women definitely go through a lot more when it comes to beauty and style, men too have a lot to consider, especially with their choices in a necktie.  How long?  How wide?  What pattern? the possibilities are endless.

How Long A Necktie?

It’s widely suggested that a tie should reach your belt buckle or the waistband of your trousers. Although, some recent looks from well-suited gents like Mr. George Clooney for Armani, and other Italian ties do tend to run a little long. This is because many Italians like to wear a big knot, and it involves a few extra loops. I think you should keep wearing your tie as you have in the past, living by the belt buckle motto. The last thing you want to do is get your tie stuck in your fly or accidently tinkle on the thing.



How Wide A Necktie?


When it comes to width, it’s all about proportion. The slimmer the fit of your suits mean the slimmer your ties. The lobster-bib style neckties from the mid-’80s to mid-’90s went out along with the NFL-shouldered power suits seen all over Wall Street, NBA benches, and ‘wannabee’ jocks. The typical rule of thumb is that your tie’s widest point should equal the lapel of your jacket’s widest point. Not from a fashion point of view but from a style standpoint, I strongly suggest that approximately three inches is the perfect tie and single-breasted-lapel width. During the power-suit reign, well-dressed men wore brands such as Hermès, because their ties didn’t go wide like the rest of the world. Now fashion world has come back to its senses, you’ll find many more properly proportioned ties nowadays. A few years ago, Brooks Brothers, brilliant introduced a three-inch tie under their University label. If you’re looking for quality and not too much of a dent in your wallet then you should check them out.