How to Pack for this Year’s Music Festival Season

Posted on Apr 15 2015 - 8:08pm by FashionBetty

music festival season

How to Pack for this Year’s Music Festival Season


Music lovers around the world’s favorite season of the year have finally arrived. The always much anticipated music festival season is finally upon us. Seemingly, those few months when your holiday and sick days get used up right around huge wide-open fields packed with people and your favorite musicians.


In preparation for the yearly festivities, make sure you set a reminder to buy the tickets the millisecond they become available, book your flights when the airline is having their annual sale, and spend countless hours researching and securing that apartment rental just around the corner from the after party spot.


But what happens when you finally have to buckle down and pack for this trip? If you haven’t thought this through, we’ve got you covered for this special occasion.


To make sure that you’ve got all the right stuff, a handy guide has been put together to give you a little style assist for the festivals. The secret is packing a few key pieces that will work together and have you prepared for a variety of weather situations. And, of course, don’t forget a portable phone chargers so you’re not that friend with the dead phone who loses people in crowds and misses “THE MOST EPIC TIME EVER, BRO.”


Enjoy the Stop-Motion Guide to Packing for Summer Music Festival Season.


Watch it, watch it again, pack it, and then own festival season. Happy festival-ing!



List of music festival season essentials below:

Sandals “Original Mosaic” by Teva • Suitcase “EO Roller” and Charger “Portable Power 2500″ by Incase • Dopp Kit “Kenyatta” by WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie available • Sunglasses “Hampton Optic & Hampton Clip” by Garrett Leight California Optical • Bucket Hat “Glaze” and Shorts “Damaged” and “Broken” by Staple • Jeans “Grim Tim ‘Ripped Sea’” by Nudie available • Crewneck “Sweatshirt” available at Saks Fifth Avenue • Short-Sleeve Sweatshirt “Sideline” by Kinship • Grey Tee “Tee Shirt Patch” by Maison Kitsuné • White Tee “Catching Feelings” by T’s • Navy Blue Tee “Cotton and Silk-Blend” by Simon Miller available at Mr. Porter.