How To Match Patterns And Colors

Posted on Mar 22 2015 - 10:00am by FashionBetty


matching patterns and colors

While some may be able to walk out of their closet with a mix of patterns such as florals or plaids, most of us don’t have the boldness to even attempt such a thing. But even though there was a time when doing this kind of matchup was strictly forbidden when it came to fashion rules, those days are gone. Today you can walk down the street and see plenty of women (and even men) wearing a mix of patterns that somehow work fine. How do they do it? Here are a few tips.

Matching Tip #1 – Pick Colors from the Same Family

No matter if it is flowers or plaids, when they come from the same color family they will feel more at home. Mix browns and oranges to get that subtle put-together look. Try matching up big and little prints that both hail from the blue side of the color wheel. Add in a solid shirt for contrast and you have an outfit that looks both sophisticated and relaxed.

Matching Tip #2 – Use Patterns as Color

The obvious one here is houndstooth, which you can use as the predominant color. Match it up the same as you would a solid colored skirt or use a blouse with small dots as if it was all one color. The idea is to trick the eye into seeing it as a solid and if the pattern is small and consistent, you can do it easily.

Matching Tip #3 – Use Complimentary Patterns

Some patterns actually look great together. One example is matching elegant florals with bold stripes. Ever notice how polka dots and animal prints always look right together? The trick to not looking like your dog dressed you is making sure the prints are different sizes.

Matching Tip #4 – Don’t Match too Closely

While matching patterns works great for opposites, when wearing the same patterns, make sure they are either negatives of each other or different color variations of the same theme. Wearing the same kind of patterns next to each other will clash, so play with size, negative space or color to make them work.