Green Beauty Hacks That Save

Posted on Apr 19 2015 - 12:17pm by FashionBetty

Green Beauty Hacks That Save

While splurging on a costly spa day may feel pampering, there are ways to be good to your body without blowing your budget. These days “green” is the word, so we thought we would share some green beauty hacks that you can put together cheaply. In fact, we are betting that most if not all of these ingredients you have right there in your kitchen cupboard or fridge.

Green Beauty Hacks for Your Hair

Having healthy hair is sexy. But if you live in the city, smog and other grimy side effects of urban living can be hard on your hair. Here are two green beauty hacks to keep your hair silky and beautiful:

  • Brushing Daily – Models swear by this. Make sure you have a good quality brush and use it every day. The old 100 strokes idea is still a good way to keep your hair clean and healthy.
  • Coconut Oil – Use instead of a conditioner to make your hair feel smooth and silky without the harsh chemicals.

Easy Beauty Hacks for Skin

Taking care of skin is a full time job for most of us. We love the sun but it doesn’t love us. We eat treats and then they show up on our face. If you want to pamper your skin, try these green beauty hacks that will make your skin feel like a queen!

  • Tea Tee Oil – Always have a container of this around as it makes a great antiseptic. That is the reason it also works so well on skin blemishes; it dries out the extra oil and protects the skin. Just place a very small dab on a cotton ball and gently rub on the blemish.
  • Coffee Body Scrub – Don’t toss those old grounds away, save them for your skin! Believe it or not the old coffee grounds are wonderful for your skin. Toss in an old jar and use them with a bit of coconut for the oils to create a wonderful smelling body scrub.
  • Steam It – Steam is so good for your skin, especially when we spend all winter indoors in dry artificial air. If you don’t have a steam room at your gym, even a bowl of steaming hot water with a dab of eucalyptus oil will refresh tired dry skin.

Quick Beauty Hacks for Nails

Whether you are a girl who loves long artificial nails or cuts them short so you can dig in the garden, nails need care. Because they are actually a living and growing part of us, they need to be fed and cared just like a plant. Here are a few green beauty hacks to help your nails stay healthy and strong.

Lemon it Up!

Nails often turn ugly yellow when we wear nail polish, especially the darker colors we love in the winter. Add some baking soda to a few teaspoons of lemon juice to bath your nails in a mixture that will get rid of that yellow fast.

Honey and Eggs

Weak nails are a sure sign of unhealthy care. If your nails peel easily, try giving them a soak in a mixture of egg yolk, honey, water and a drop or two of an essential oil.  Honey is anti-fungal and the yolk provides the protein to strengthen the nail.

Green Beauty Hacks are Easy

Truth is, once you start thinking of it you will find green beauty hacks all around you. Our grandparents make these to keep hair shiny, nails strong and skin soft. Everything you need is right there at home. Once you start using these green hacks for your hair, skin and nails you can save the pampering for a massage instead of a wrap.