Fashion Hacking – A Guide

Posted on Apr 5 2015 - 12:43pm by FashionBetty

Fashion Hacking

Fashion Hacking – A Guide

If you have taken a cruise around Pinterest lately, you may have noticed that fashion hacking is one of the hot topics. What is fashion hacking? Well it is the art of taking a piece of clothing and changing it creatively into something else. Hopefully into something you like better than what you started with. Some of us have been fashion hacking for years, taking tired old tops from the back of the closet and turning them into something much more fun. Here are just a few ideas to get you started on your own fashion hacking adventure.

Fashion Hacking: Cut it Up!

Most of the best fashion hacking ideas begins with a pair of scissors. You might have a T-shirt in a color you love, but hate the cut. So cut off the sleeves and rip out the neckline. For an idea of a quick start, check out this T-shirt hack.

Fashion Hacking: Add Some Lace

Got a tank top that you love but it is getting too tight? Add some lace panels and make it into a baby-doll inspired floaty top. Check out the concept here on this Pinterest page.

Fashion Hacking: Thrift Shop It

One of the best places to find cool stuff to hack is your local thrift shop. One gal took thrift shop wedding dresses and combined them to make the coolest summer long dress. You can take the sleeves off an old denim jacket and add lace or fabric to change up the look. The great thing about thrift shop finds is that you can afford to experiment.

Fashion Hacking: No Hack Left Unturned

The bottom line is if you can envision it, you can fashion hack it! This has gotten so big that London even had a high end fashion hack-a-thon this year with top designers competing. But fashion hacking is truly an art form that belongs to the street. So get out those scissors and glue and let’s hack a new spring look.