Tips for Darker Lips During Colder Seasons

Posted on Jan 5 2015 - 8:14pm by FashionBetty

Once the winter chill hits the air dark lipstick can become a problem.  Sometimes lipstick just doesn’t want to stay on and moves into the cracks around your mouth, leaving those tiny pigment filled lines that nobody has time to deal with.

Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks to keep dark lipstick as your friend during the cold season says expert Tina Turnbow.

Shape Them

“I like to shape the lip with a liner and fill it in. You can’t really refine the shape of your mouth with lipstick because of the quality of it— it will seep into a line more than liner will,” she explains. “Liner is a little drier, so it won’t travel, whereas lipsticks, which are formulated in a creamier way, will move.”

shaped lips


Try a New Lining Trick

Putting regular lipstick on over your liner just at the center of your mouth, while avoiding the outer edges can help keep it from shifting over the course of the day.  Using a lip liner as the base on your lips, with a long-wear lipstick formula can help keep the lipstick drier and less likely to run during your travelslined lips


Powder and Hydrate!

Putting powder on top of your lips can also help reduce any havoc that dark lipstick can wreak on your face.  Dusting translucent powder over the top of your lip or using a sponge around the edges helps keep it from bleeding.  Drinking water and keeping your lips hydrated with lip balm also reduces many negative side effects.

powdered hydrated lips