Christian Fashion Week Allowed Miniskirts This Year!

Posted on Apr 2 2015 - 10:18pm by FashionBetty


The only week in fashion where risqué is out, where being edgy isn’t always the best idea and where the hemlines are long and necklines are high. No, its not “Normcore” Fashion Week but there’s another Fashion Week where modesty is actually a goal rather than an accidental style by-product. That week in fashion has become known as The Christian Fashion Week in Tampa Bay, Florida. Christian Fashion Week is a one-night annual event that attracts around 300 people every year.


“I want to show the young girls in our church that you can be stylish and still have a strong faith,” Silva Emerian, a blogger from Fresno, told the New York Times at this year’s Christian Fashion Week in February.


According to the NY Times, the 11 designers who showed at this year’s Christian Fashion Week weren’t particularly buttoned-up, showing “skintight leggings,” “thigh-grazing miniskirts,” and “clingy T-shirts.” The closing look in one show even featured a visible bra beneath a lace capelet.


After all, as the event’s organizers explained, their mission is fourfold: “contextual modesty,” affordability, responsible use of natural resources, and ethical hiring and casting (C.A.R.E.). Those concerns “are much closer to the heart of God than cleavage is.”